Thanks to IMBA, underprivileged children of Zimbabwe have the chance to play, do sports and produce art and music again

IMBA was founded by Marijke and Ronald from the Netherlands and works to help underprivileged children in the suburbs of Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe. IMBA wants children who no longer have a home to grow up in a safe family situation nonetheless. Alongside IMBA, any family that the child has and the local community are also given active roles.

Each family house accommodates a set of foster parents and eight children. All the children go to local schools. Moreover, IMBA gives the local population advice in the field of health and children’s rights. IMBA’s self-help programme supports families who have taken on orphaned children. The mothers of the families receive training and help in their search for work, whether working from home or working elsewhere.

Sports fields have been built on IMBA’s grounds so that all the children in the community, even the very poorest ones, are given the chance to do sports. There are also other activities on offer in the fields of art and music. In order for the initiative to eventually be able to support itself, a number of income-creating projects have been set up, for example the chicken run, the vegetable garden and the mushroom farm. True Blue has been supporting IMBA for a number of years now and sees this project as a great initiative in a difficult country where this type of help is desperately needed.

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