Since the age of eighteen, Nicole has been providing support for children who for one reason or another are having problems.

Nicole’s Huiskamer (Nicole’s Living Room) has thus developed into a care and counselling centre for youngsters with Nicole acting as their tutor, companion and therapist. With her 25 years of experience in assisting and taking care of youngsters, Nicole lends them an ear and provides direct and immediate support in the case of a need for assistance – whether acute or of a more lasting nature – or when emergency housing must be organised.

Nicole’s Huiskamer has proved to be a valuable addition to the other social-work and youth-welfare work agencies. More people have joined Nicole in the project, working as teachers, coaches and volunteers. Nicole gives the youngsters tools for communication, social interaction and relaxation. Occasionally, they go on a day trip together to an amusement park, to the woods or to visit the museum. There is also an annual trip arranged for children who never get to go on holiday.

In addition, Nicole devotes a lot of attention to maintaining as good a relationship as possible with the youngsters’ parents. This is vital for keeping the situation as calm and stable as possible for the young person concerned. Lastly, she assists parents and youngsters free of charge in their search for social-work agencies, doctors and Individual Budget applications so as to give as many children as possible a bright future. True Blue thinks and works together with Nicole intensively and backs up this great initiative financially.

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